Buddy & Pal's Place, Valpo Indiana 5/04 God's own prototypes Dr. John lends a hand, Horseshoe 6/05
The Colonel sinks em at the Savemore Lounge. BALLS! Speedball Mama, live at Horseshoe 6/05 Rockin Wabash Tap. Rolling Stones? What Rolling Stones?
AOB in the studio. Wait! What's he doing? Slide bass? You can't do that! Can you? Porkchop, boldly flipping a musical middle finger to guitarists who "read music" or "have talent." Steve even collapses in 2/4 time.
Horseshoe, 6/05
Hotti Biscotti 7/8/05
Hotti Biscotti 7/29/05
Wabash Tap 9/05
Lilly's Nightclub 10/05
Lilly's Night Club 11/05
Lilly's Night Club 3/18/06